Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Back at the ocean where the trip began! We are in Lima, our last stop. It feels good to be back at sea level. High altitudes take their toll on our bodies and we are happy to smell the salt air. It's warm and mostly sunny but there is a chilly wind so we are not beach bound.

There is a crazy shopping mall here in Lima called LarcoMar. It is built right into the cliffs that overlook one of the city's beaches. It was too chilly to venture down but some surfers were taking advantage of the huge waves.

Like in other south american cities, we spend our days wandering around with no particular destination, perusing the markets (we bought a hammock!), drinking expresso, and lounging and reading. Of course, for our last night we had a bit of a fiesta out at the bars in our neighbourhood!

It has been an amazing trip! We have mixed feelings about going home but for sure we are ready for a comfy bed, a hot shower, and some of our favourite foods we've missed. See you soon!!

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